Pula, Croatia, a city renowned for its rich history and stunning amphitheater, played host to a thrilling Teqball event that will be remembered for years to come. The Teqball-Tour Pula event showcased remarkable talent and fierce competition, with the STEQERZ team emerging as a formidable force in the world of Teqball. The team secured two bronze medals, one in Women's Doubles and another in Mixed Doubles, and a silver medal in the Men's Doubles category. 


In the Women's Doubles category, the STEQERZ team demonstrated remarkable skill and determination. The duo of Vicsek and Péchy proved their mettle by securing a well-deserved bronze medal. What made this accomplishment even more significant was their victory over the formidable Vasas and Janicsek duo, who were the reigning World Champions. The match was a thrilling showdown, showcasing the sheer talent and resilience of the STEQERZ team.

Among the stars of the tournament, Adam Bako shone brightly, establishing himself as the absolute MVP of the STEQERZ team.

The Mixed Doubles category featured another outstanding performance by the STEQERZ team. Adam Bako and Lea Vasas joined forces and clinched a hard-fought bronze medal. Their journey to the podium was marked by intense competition and a never-give-up spirit that resonated with fans and competitors alike.


Adam Bako, the star of the STEQERZ team, earned accolades throughout the tournament. His outstanding performance was highlighted by a silver medal in the Men's Doubles category, where he partnered with Matyas Odnoga. Bako and Odnoga's partnership proved to be a winning combination, showcasing their superb teamwork and individual skill.


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