In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the STEQERZ TEQBALL CLUB's dynamic duo, Adam Bako and Matyas Odnoga, clinched the Men's Doubles Category at the prestigious I.TEQ Festival in Esztergom, Hungary.

Their remarkable journey to victory included a stunning win over the formidable Banyik/Katz duo in the Semi-Final and a triumphant showdown against the Serbian World Champion duo in the Final. This monumental achievement marked the team's first international gold medal, solidifying their place in the world of teqball.


The I.TEQ Festival, hosted in the picturesque city of Esztergom, brought together teqball enthusiasts and elite athletes from across the globe. This event has become a focal point for teqball players, attracting top talents from various countries, and the STEQERZ TEQBALL CLUB made a name for themselves with their exceptional performance.

In a gripping Semi-Final match, Bako and Odnoga demonstrated their prowess by outclassing the Banyik/Katz duo. The duo's impeccable ball control, agility, and quick reflexes left the spectators in awe. The victory propelled them into the highly anticipated Final, where they faced the Serbian World Champion duo.


The Final was a heart-stopping contest that showcased the essence of teqball. Bako and Odnoga exhibited relentless determination, composure, and exceptional teamwork. Despite facing a formidable opponent, they rose to the occasion, securing a hard-fought victory and, in doing so, claimed their first international gold medal. The jubilant scenes that followed their win encapsulated the intense passion and dedication that drives teqball players to excel on the global stage.

But the success of STEQERZ TEQBALL CLUB didn't end with the Men's Doubles Category. The team's other talented members also left their mark on the I.TEQ Festival. The Women's Doubles Category witnessed a spirited performance by the Vicsek/Péchy duo, who clinched the bronze medal. Their exceptional teamwork and relentless pursuit of excellence were evident in every match they played.


In addition, Petra Péchy, a prominent member of STEQERZ TEQBALL CLUB, proved her mettle by securing the third position in the Mixed Doubles Category. She partnered with the seasoned Teqball player and four-time world champion, Adam Blazsovics. Their combined skill and chemistry were on full display, and they left the competition with heads held high, having achieved an impressive third-place finish.


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