Adam Bako participated with Lea Vasas on his side in the mixed doubles category, and with Adam Blazsovics in Men’s Doubles at the National Quailifer which has been organised by the Hungarian Teqball Associaton.



In mixed doubles, the biggest rival was the 2021 World Champion duo Janicsek/Bányik, who were defeated 2:0 in the first round, so in the second round for the Bako/Vasas duo it was enough to win only 1 set to represent our country at the World Championships in Nuremberg.
Even the first set brought extraordinary excitement, as the doubles went head-to-head throughout. At 10:10, however, Bányik did not spare us with his serve and the set was won at 12:10.
It meant that the second set was clearly about who could represent our country in Nuremberg.
Bakó showed us a superhuman performance in the last two points, which resulted in a 12:10 ratio tipping in our favor.

In the end, the Bányik/Janicsek duo won the match, but since both of the team beat everyone at the competiton, the Bakó/Vasas duo had better set point ratio, so our team will be able to wear the national team jersey in Germany, where they can start the tournament as top favourites.


The Bakó/Blázsovics duo was not easily given the opportunity to play in the national team either. They had to surpass the Bányik/Katz duo who played against them at the World Series in Krakow and the European Tour in Budapest. 

In the end, Bako and Blazsovics managed to win both rounds. 2:1 in the first round, and 2:0 in the second round.
At the end of November, it will be clear whether Ádám Bakó can crown this year with 1 or even 2 world championship titles.