Only a few days have passed since the USA Teqball Tour held in Miami, and the world's top Teqball players have already found themselves in Italy, precisely in the sports hall of Palavesuvio in Naples. At the tournament in Naples, 74 registered athletes from 19 nations competed in 4 categories (Women's Doubles, Men's Singles, Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles).

In the mixed doubles category, Ádám Bakó entered the Naples stop of the European Teqball Tour with Lea Vasas, who took first place in the women's doubles in Miami, and with the four-time world champion Ádám Blázsovics in the men's doubles.

In men's doubles, they confidently won their group against the Czech, French and Italian pairs.

In the elimination part, the Tunisian pair were first bid farewell, then the Katz-Velkey pair, who won the third step of the podium in Marosvásárhely.

Next opponent in the semi-finals was the world champion Serbian pair, who perhaps don't even know when they were last beaten indoors. However, Bakó and Blázsovics managed to win in two sets, 12:10, 12:9, with a very calm and conscious game.
The Hungarian final could follow, where they managed to overcome the Bányik/Szegedi duo playing in a new line-up, also in two sets, 12:2, 12:7.
The "Adam team" reached the top with this and could lift the trophy high.

In mixed doubles, the Bakó-Vasas pair was placed in a group with a French, a Czech and a Romanian pair.

They easily beat their Czech opponents, the Ilyés/Barabás pair from Székely already put some pressure under their noses, but in the final set the balance finally tipped in Bakó's favor at 13:11.

The French pair Rabeux/Julian managed to win, so Bakó and Vasas could wait for the draw as the second in the group.

In both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, they received a Serbian pair. First, Mitro/Umicevic and then Marojevic/Lemajic were bid farewell with an easy game. The latter match ended prematurely, as Marojevic was shown a red card by the referee due to irregular behavior at 11:5. This resulted in the fact that after Marosvásárhely, in Naples, we were able to play in the finals against the world champions Bányik/Janicsek.

It is no exaggeration to say that the most spectacular and exciting match of the 4 categories in Naples was the mixed doubles final.

Bakó/Vasas won the first set 12:9, the Bányik/Janicsek won the second set 12:8, so the final set could follow, where, after amazing excitement, the Bakó/Vasas duo won at 15:13, thus breaking the Bányik/Janics duo's leading winning streak.

We also send our congratulations to Ádám Bakó, who absolutely stood out from the field with his performance and two gold medals.