The 5th Teqball World Championship was held between 23.11.2022 and 27.11.2022, hosted by the city of Nuremberg.

At the most prestigious tournament of the year, 181 players from 48 nations were represented.



Ádám Bakó was able to qualify in two categories (Men's doubles, Mixed doubles) at the Hungarian qualifiers.


In men's doubles with the four-time world champion Ádám Blázsovics, while in mixed doubles with Lea Vasas.


Bakó has been in outstanding form throughout the year. He was already a multiple European Tour champion, a World Series podium finisher and a USA Teqball Tour champion at the start of the 2022 World Championship.


The main goal was to crown the year with a world championship title or titles.


In the men's doubles, after beating their opponents from Thailand, Poland and, in the semi-finals, the second-ranked Romanian opponents, they were awaited by the world champion Serbian national team in the final.


The two teams has been showed an outstanding performance in the WCH final, where they took turns saving each other's set and match points.


This time, the Serbian duo were the luckier which allowed them to celebrate their third World Championship title.

Final result: 2:1 (12:9;11-12;14:12)


With this, Ádám Bakó won his first world championship medal , which will surely shine brightly later, but at that moment it was very painful for him, because a few minutes later he had to perform in the mixed doubles category with Lea Vasas on his side, against the Brazilian duo.

The way how Bakó switched his brain in after the men’s doubles loss is definitely genius.He showed no mercy against the Brazilian duo, bringing the first set to 12:6.


The second set brought a closer result, where in the end we were able to bring the second set to 12:11 with a lucky point, setting the final result at 2:0.


It means that Ádám Bakó returning home as World Champion and World Championship silver medalist from the Kia Metropol Arena, Germany. 


Your hard work and perseverance have paid off.